November, 15 2018 /Global Press Online/ Politics, Law & Society

A War monger Terrorist sponsor arms dealer is roaming free due to a Technicality

Tony Abi Saab escaped a jail term since the collected evidence did not fall in US jurisdiction.

There are smart businessmen that deal in Arms and ensure the security of their own country by legally purchasing and securing such transactions. Then there are the sharp players such as Tony Abi Saab who have created a global network of proxy companies that behave as fronts to route weapons and fake the coveted end user certificates, which control the Arms trade.

Tony Abi Saab is not only street smart, but this new age villain is also legally smart and Well-connected. He is well aware of the US Legal system and how to misuse US laws to get out of jail.

Tony Abi Saab’s company, Brescia Middle East (BME) was convicted by a Global Sting operation executed by the US Army, FBI and CIA who knew that they were not dealing with a small time weapons dealer but an instigator of war in Africa, Middle East and a master in sophisticated shipping and Evasion tactics. His girlfriend and long time associate, Dinorah Cobos, was arrested in Afghanistan along with cash meant for bringing a US Government officer along with an unknown person that was operating under the alias of Sarah Lee.

Tony knew that even if he was arrested he could wiggle out of US Jail time by making a plea or citing illegal arrest, torture or even flaws in evidence gathering procedures. After his anticipated arrest he was flew afghanistan and let his girlfriend take the fall for his crimes. However, he quickly ensured that evidence submitted by the CIA was not included in the case, she made a plea and gave up most of his confidants in return of a fine and no jail sentence.

Tony and Dinah Cobos used US courts in his favour by citing that CIA did not have the authority to collect evidence in Syria and Africa against his crimes. He also pleaded down his jail term by ensuring that only a bribery charge would be permitted along with blaming the CIA for tampering evidence. Tony also cited human right violations for his arrest process which included an offshore Jail, prompt arrest and alleged torture (LINK HERE).

Let us now assume if Tony Abi Saab and Dinah Cobos were tried in a US Military court in Afghanistan. Such a trial would have resulted in a different outcome and probably would have made the world a safer place. The evidence would be permitted in Afghanistan and his crimes could be included as evidence.

All personnel that commit fraud in Global US army bases should be tried in a Military court instead of a civil court as was done with Tony Abi Saab. His company such as BME, Tactical Ltd Afghanistan, K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch, G2Armory, SIMAINT are still operating without any restrictions and his travel is not monitored or blocked. BME is still dealing in weapons and has Active permit in Lebanon (PASTE LINK HERE). His movement and presence in the Weapons market is a red herring for global peace and should be addressed immediately.

Azani Marc
Global Press Online