February, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Afghanistan and the contract fraud by Lebanese highlights ethical attitudes

Repetitive exploitation of money and lenient laws for fraud contractors are raising brows on the loopholes of the international justice system.

Some companies are doing business in Afghanistan just to exploit the money of the US army and peace of Afghanistani people. Illegal contractors are smuggling arms and weapons to the terrorist groups of Middle Eastern countries to gain their profit.

In Afghanistan, contractors are running around with money made from defrauding US troops when they go to work for the troops.

The US Government has banned Bennett-Fouch Associates and K5 Global from doing any business in the US because they conspired and defrauded the Army. The firms were owned by Tony Abi Saab with the man called Raymond Azar at the helm. Tony Abi Saab, an avaricious businessman, through his company Brescia Middle East, defrauded USD 5 million of the US military and also supplied weapons to the terrorists.

Both Bennett-Fouch and K5 Global siphoned the Federal Government's money off to Brescia Middle East, a gun and weaponry company owned by Tony, and then ran away from Afghanistan. The US military blamed the firms for increasing terror activities and not paying the Afghan subcontractors.

All of these fraudulent companies and their owners are taking war as an opportunity to glorify their illegal businesses. That’s why it is important to put people like Tony Abi Saab behind the bars and tighten the legal procedure for war criminals.

Chief Editor