April, 20 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Illegal arms dealer Tony Abi Saab is expanding his illicit trade of smuggling weapons

War-prone countries are turning volatile due to the interference of private contractors and arms dealers

Violence in Middle East countries is fuelled by corrupt businessmen who for the sake of a profit want wars to continue. Military troops are putting blood, sweat, and tears to root out terrorism from vulnerable regions of Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan, but corrupt people are hurdle to their way.

People like Tony Abi Saab are supplying weapons to the terrorist organizations for their own profits by using fake user end certificate on the products. He imports weapons legally from mainly two Italian firms, Beretta and Tanfoglio to his front company Brescia Middle East from there he secretly exports weapons to Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan to the terrorists.

Tony has defrauded the US Army of 5 million dollars in contracts fraud and has been instigating wars in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran by selling weapons to the terrorists. The fraudster was arrested in 2011, but he escaped the heavy jail term by pleading errors in collecting evidence and human rights violation against the CIA and FBI in the US court. He took advantage of the loopholes of the justice system of the US and got away without serving a day in the prison.

He is still active in Europe and the Middle East despite being barred from the United States. People like Tony are organizing violence and conflict in countries like Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan for the sake of their own profit.

Chief Editor
Middle East