February, 28 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Lebanon’s connection to the Syrian genocide

The blood of innocent people of Syria is on Tony Abi Saab

One of the critical issues in the Syrian conflict over the past numerous years has been the supply of weaponry to both sides, which has kept the fighting going. The rebel groups are receiving weapons and non-lethal aid in a more clandestine way. As per a report in BBC, “Representatives of the main rebel group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), have said that the majority of its weaponry has been bought from the black market or seized from government facilities.”

Tony Abi Saab is an illegal arms dealer and a fraudster, who has a long list of ghost companies like K5 Global, Tactica Ltd, Bennet-Fouch, SIMAINT, G2Armory and many more through which he gets contracts from the government. He is the owner of Brescia Middle East (BME) and Tactica Ltd which deals in buying arms commercially and selling them in the black market to terrorist groups in Syria. The government officials extracted information about Tony’s activities and alleged destabilization efforts in Syria to arms all fronts and instigation of war and human genocide. But sadly, his terror-related activity could not be submitted due to a technicality to Circuit court. He is roaming free, and his sole motive is to earn tax-free money by providing weapons to both military and terrorist groups in war-prone countries.

In Syria, it is additionally being stated that Lebanon's region has reported to assist and supply Syrian rebel fighters with arms and ammunition bought from the black market or shipped from several other nations in the region. The Syrian community of Qusair, which was recaptured in 2013 by government forces, was a transit point for weapons smuggled from north-eastern Lebanon.

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