July, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Illegal relationship between Sima Salazar and Brescia Middle East has been established by the US

Criminal Raymond Azar and illegal arms dealer Tony Abi Saab defrauded the US Army of millions of dollars in contract fraud

A multi-million dollar contract fraud against the US corps. of engineers can't be executed just by an individual person as it is a work of a large team, consisting of powerful men in the legal hierarchy. Raymond Azar, an ex-military man was the top-most suspect in the US contract fraud. He was exposed by the FBI and was convicted in 2009. Since Azar’s conviction, the US investigation team has been searching for other people involved in the major conspiracy against the US. They found, Tony Abi Saab, an illegal Arms dealer in Lebanon.
The mysterious relationship between Tony and Raymond was revealed by the FBI. It discovered the criminal background of the two of them. Firstly, Raymond is more than just a business partner of Tony Abi Saab, he is a close family relative. The father of Tony, Joseph Abi Saab's wife is the sister of Raymond's wife, they both are real sisters. Thus, to Abi Saabs, Azar is one of the family members. Secondly, Sima Salazar, Raymond's company that was indicted for a multi-million dollar contract frauds, was sub-contracted under Tony's company K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch. These were the shell companies of Tony which disappeared since exposed by the US investigation team. These companies were run illegally on the fake name of “Sarah Lee”.

Tony's main company Brescia Middle East, an international arms dealer, is supplying weapons to the terrorist organizations active in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran. Another shell company of Tony, Tactica Ltd was purchasing arms commercially and selling them in the black market to the terrorist groups in Syria. The company had a strong bond with the Sima Salazar Group, the business deals amongst them were frequent. Apart from Raymond and Tony, there are at least 21 companies involved in the war-crime in the Syrian war by supporting Tony Abi Saab’s company Brescia Middle East. Here are the names--ARMERIA AMELIO GAMBA Srl, INTESA SANPAOLO S.P.A., Benelli Armi, franchi division, Fiocchi munizione, Armeria brignoli silvio & c snc, BLS—in Italy; Umarex gmbh & co KG in France; Noble france sa—in Germany; Osmanli Arms, ISTANBUL and KONYA, KOMANDO AV SAN TIC LTD, ATA Av tufekleri—in Turkey; Emran arms in Bangladesh; Kula Ltd., Tiblisi in Georgia; LOBASTOV IVAN, Baikal Ltd, Izhevsk city—in Russia; Arsenal—in Bulgaria; MSN and CSG Group—in Czech Republic;Berkut Ltd—in Ukraine; Condor—in Brasil.

The depth of the relationship between Raymond and Tony could be better understood by—most of the shareholders of the Azar-owned firm Sima Salazar were the Abi Saabs. Raymond was jailed for two years and paid a hefty penalty of 13 million dollars but Tony is free, he is still doing business with the rebel groups which is dangerous for the stability of the world.

Jack Camreon